The Models of the First and Second Goetheanum

on a Scale of 1:500, and Other Castings

The Friends of the Ita Wegman Institute are pleased to be able to offer scale models (1:500) of the  First and Second Goetheanum. The models were created by Leonhard Schuster from plasticine, then cast with high-quality casting compound, and patinated. All steps are done by hand. The models are about 9 cm high, 18 cm long, and 17 cm wide.

Additionally, a casting is available of Rudolf Steiner’s „Urmodell“ [earliest model] of the double domes, as well as a smaller casting of Rudolf Steiner’s concept for the 2nd Goetheanum, which was not realized because of restrictions in the building codes at that time.  A casting of Rudolf Steiner’s model for the large path markers is also available, as well as a casting of Edith Maryon’s  bust of Christ from the so-called 2 m model of the sculpture group, the Representative of Humanity. A small copy by Fritz Schaper of a bust of  Novalis is also available.

Further descriptions can be found by clicking on the images.

Proceeds from sales go to support the work and publications of the Ita Wegman Institute for Basic Anthroposophical Research (Arlesheim).


The models can be purchased at the Institute in Arlesheim, or ordered from the Friends of the Ita Wegman Institute.

Prices listed are for Switzerland and Germany, incl. shipping costs; to order from other countries please contact us ( information below.)

Items ordered are shipped following receipt of payment.

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Modell No 1: 100,- CHF / €

Modell No 1: 100,- CHF / €

Modell No 3: 100,- CHF / €

Modell No 2: 100,- CHF / €

Modell No 2: 100,- CHF / €

Modell No 4: 100,- CHF / €

Abguss No 5: 50,- CHF / €

Abguss No 6: 280,- CHF / €

Abguss No 7: 50,- CHF / €

Abguss No 8: 140,- CHF / €

Abguss No 9: 200,- CHF / €