The Publishing House of the Ita Wegman Institute

Book monographs from the Ita Wegman Institute for Basic Anthroposophical Research are published by various publishing houses, in particular Verlag am Goetheanum (Dornach), Verlag Freies Geistesleben (Stuttgart), Rudolf Steiner Verlag (Dornach) and Pforte Verlag (Dornach). In America, the publishing house SteinerBooks publishes the works of Peter Selg in English; the edition of Karl König’s writings and lectures, co-edited by the Ita Wegman Institute, is published by Floris Books, Edinburgh. (see also Bibliography and Translations).

In addition to the existing publishing contacts, an independent publishing house of the Ita Wegman Institute was created in 2008, in which individual works from the Institute appear.

Books published by the publishing house of the Ita Wegman Institute can be obtained through bookstores or directly from the publisher (orders from Germany).

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For Germany an other countries

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